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A content management system for health assessments.

Researchers and regulatory agencies around the world conduct assessments to determine the potential for chemicals and other pollutants to pose a risk to human health and the environment. These assessments typically consist of a critical review of available studies, identification of health and environmental effects, and characterization of exposure-response relationships and uncertainties in the data. HAWC aims to facilitate team collaboration by scientists who develop these assessments and enhance transparency of the assessment process by providing online access to the data and expert decisions used to evaluate the potential human health and environmental hazard and risk of chemical exposures.

HAWC is a modular, content management system designed to store, display, and synthesize multiple data sources for the purpose of supporting the development of human health and environmental assessments of pollutants. This online application documents the overall workflow of developing an assessment, from literature search and systematic review, to data extraction (human epidemiology, animal bioassay, and in vitro assay), dose-response analysis, and finally evidence synthesis and visualization.